Why I started this blog

With the end of my academic career approaching, I found myself with bundles of free time and no idea on exactly how to fill it. I predicted that I would spend the majority of my newfound freedom on Netflix, binge-watching shows or at the cinema, trying to watch all the latest releases. Then it hit me. Why not blog about them??

I spend half my time ranting and raving to no one in particular about the series and films that I watch. By starting a film and TV blog, I’d be able to put all my thoughts, comments, criticisms and praise in one place. Also, if someone actually read my blog, I would no longer be ranting and raving to myself in my room- definite win!

I won’t be able to make in depth comments on the cinematography of the film as I know little about that (I studied English Literature and French). As a result, my blog will be highly subjective with all commentary deriving from my own non-professional point of view. As for my taste in films, I’m pretty eclectic, though do not expect to see much talk about horror films because they aren’t my thing lol.

So if you like films and TV series, feel free to have a gander at my blog. I hope to entertain or at the least be mildly interesting 🙂


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