Poldark Series 3 Episode 1 Review

The wait is over! The new series of Poldark has finally returned with a magnificent first episode that promises to bring all the drama from previous series along with it.
When a heavily pregnant Elizabeth (Heida Reed) bursts onto the screen in the first scene, it’s becomes clear time has passed in the world of Poldark. Yet, time has failed to repair the broken relationship between Elizabeth and Ross. Clearly, Elizabeth still angry over the fact that Ross (Aidan Turner) didn’t discard his wife and jump to her side as she expected after the events of the last series. While I understand her hurt feelings, I can’t help but side with Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) who would have been absolutely crushed by this, especially in light of all the character did in earlier series to help her and that Trenwith Poldarks.

Furthermore, an altercation between George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) and Ross reaffirms that the animosity between the two of them is alive and kicking, yet, Ross seems to have grown up somewhat since we last saw him. Perhaps Demelza’s blow to the head knocked some sense into the character and got him to think of others before acting.
Apart from that, Ross and Demelza are living in relative domestic bliss with the mine thriving and their relationship repaired after Ross’ infidelity. However, we all knew that wasn’t going to last with the early arrival of Elizabeth’s baby threatening to throw a spanner in the works despite their best attempts to prevent it. It will be exciting to see how the new arrival changes things at both Trenwith and Nanpara. One partof me wants it to be all okay but there’s a small part that wants a Maury-style confrontation between Warleggan and Poldark. The latter would definitely be more satisfying as it would probably wipe that lingering smug expression right off George Warleggan’s extremely punchable face.

Geoffrey Charles and Aunt Agatha were the comedy duo I didn’t know I needed with both characters serving some serious sass and sending some fantastic lines George Warleggan’s way. I hope it’s here to stay, but with George desperately trying to insert himself as alpha and do away with all things Poldark including Geoffrey Charles, there’s a possibility that the duo is broken up before it even gets going.

With arrival of Demelza’s brothers (Tom Yorke & Harry Richardson) and Elizabeth’s cousin Morwenna (Ellise Chappell), I smell a forbidden romance, Romeo and Juliet style storyline coming up and I’m all for it! I can already see the secret meetings and notes being passed along, and I’m excited to see how it will all turn out. After all, the last forbidden romance involving the Poldark family ended up in a duel.

Furthermore, I couldn’t end this review without talking about the other set of star-crossed lovers Caroline Penvenen (Gabriella Wilde) and Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) who finally tie the knot in this episode, only to have their wedding night ruined by Elizabeth’s early labour and the ill health of Caroline’s guardian. Will they ever catch a break? Your guess is as good as mine, though judging by the preview, the answer appears to be a resounding NO.

So these are my thoughts on the latest episode of Poldark, feel free to leave a comment to tell me your thoughts on the episode.


3 thoughts on “Poldark Series 3 Episode 1 Review

    1. Yeah, I really liked the previous series of Poldark, particularly series 1, though both series have brilliant and memorable scenes. The reason why series 1 is my favourite so far is the fact that it was the moment we first got introduced to the world of Poldark and consequently, everything was new and different. Furthermore, we were just getting to know all those characters and that was fun and entertaining to watch. Also, series 1 had scenes like the Christmas Dinner at Trenthwith, the Gambling at Warleggan house and the tragic scenes where the Putrid Throat comes to Cornwall. When I am waiting for new Poldark episodes, I look forward to moments like that.


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