Poldark Series 3 Episode 2 & 3 Review

The last 2 episodes of Poldark have been emotional rollercoasters that had me either on the verge of tears or howling with laughter. So, as a result of this (and the fact I completely forgot to review it earlier), this post will contain a two reviews on the last two episodes.

Episode 2 

This episode saw the the return of Verity (Ruby Bentall) with her baby. Her visit was a welcome sight to the characters and audience alike. However, the happiness over her return to Cornwall and our screens was quickly replaced with sadness by the revelation that there’d been an accident and her husband was possibly lost sea along with Dwight. Honestly, Verity is such a pure and loyal character who deserves absolute happiness but rarely receives it, so when it came to light that Capain Blamey (Richard Harrington) was still alive, I was genuinely happy for the character. However, Caroline had no such luck with Dwight still missing and his fate unknown at the end of the episode.

Furthermore, the episode mostly revolved around the search for the two missing seamen, which in turn provided us with a brilliant scene at a party where Demelza expertly slaps down George Warleggan with the dry wit that’s we all have come to love in the Poldark series. Also, it was quite funny to see Poldark turning down the newly vacant position of magistrate, only for Warleggan to take it. I love seeing George, once again, play second fiddle to Ross. However, I can’t help but feel that Warleggan in such a powerful position will not be good for anyone, poor or rich.

The episode ends with Ross sailing off to France in search of Dwight, leaving his pregnant wife alone to deal with everything. It seems I spoke too soon about Ross’ reckleness being a thing of the past. Although, it is a journey to find and save Dwight, so I suppose, I can let it slide this time.

Episode 3

This episode has two main plot arcs: the search for Dwight in France and the search for a church in Cornwall.

In France, Ross runs into trouble with the French authorities and is forced to leave whilst looking for news of Dwight. And as it looks like Ross might leave having failed to find news of him, he bravely (and recklessly) decides to stay behind to give the search one last go. He does, of course, eventually get word on Dwight (He’s alive, yaaay!) but in staying in France against the recommendation of the French authorities he becomes somewhat of a fugitive. This leads to a tense action scene where an outnumbered and out-gunned Ross has to fight his way out of trouble. I say tense loosely though because we all know Ross Poldark, the main character, was never in any true danger but it was a good scene nonetheless.

In Cornwall, we see Demelza facing many challenges at home such as the spiteful refusal of George Warleggan to allow her brother to open a church on land that was originally gifted to the inhabitants of the village or her coming to terms with the possibility that Ross may never return. It was incredibly satisfying to see Demelza take action and step into the role that Ross normally holds as head of the household. It was even more satisfying to see her confront Ross on his double standards when it comes to who can do what in their relationship. Too often, it seems that Ross still views Demelza as the serving girl from series 1, it’s high time that he saw her as an equal and capable partner in all things.

Over the course of the episode, it becomes clear that Elizabeth is beginning to discover the true nature of the man she married. What’s more, judging by the fact that she on her way to becoming an opium addict, she is clearly not happy about it. Honestly, I really want to feel sorry for Elizabeth because I remember a time when she wasn’t always cruel and snobbish. But that time has passed and her recent actions have eroded all good will and wishes that I had for the character. These sentiments are clearly shared by those at Trenwith judging the genuine sigh of relief and joy when she and George Warleggan left for Truro.

So, these are my thoughts on the last two episodes. Feel free to leave a comment to discuss the things that I left out or anything really lol 🙂


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