The Mummy (2017)- Film Review

When I went to the cinema last night to watch The Mummy, I was pretty excited due to my love of the previous ‘The Mummy’ series with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. So when I took my seat, popcorn and ice blast in tow, I was hoping the films would elicit the same feelings of joy and laughter that I previously felt when watching those earlier remakes. But it didn’t and I was disappointed. That’s not to say that the film was awful because it truly wasn’t but it definitely wasn’t fantastic either.

As I am a person that tries to look on the bright side, I’ll start with the aspects of the film that I quite enjoyed:

Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde 

Image result for russell crowe mummy

I really liked Russell Crowe as this character in the film. I thought he played the enigmatic doctor with a dark secret very well. Furthermore, I absolutely loved when he transformed into the charming cockney chaos maker Mr. Hyde. He did that really well, so well in fact, that I’m looking forward to his installment in the Dark Universe Series.

Sofia Boutella- Princess Ahmanet

Related image

I really like seeing Sofia Boutella in films. She always puts in a good performance and ‘The Mummy’ was no exception. Her facial expressions and her body movements as the mummy were on point. I only have a one question about her character that is slightly less positive:

  • Why did Princess Ahmanet as a mummy have to be so ‘sexy’? Like she’s a 2000+ decaying year old corpse, watching her lick Tom Cruise’s face was weird and it felt unnecessary. But hey, that’s the direction they chose and it really wasn’t the worst part of the film.

My main gripe with ‘The Mummy’ concerns the overall style of the film. In my opinion, it seemed like the film didn’t know what genre it wanted to belong to and as a result, it tried too hard to fit into several different genres at once.

For example, there were moments when it tried to be funny and I found myself laughing for laughing sake, rather than the scene being actually funny. From the many jump scares included in the film, it was clear that it wanted to inject elements from the horror genre. However, they happened so often that after a while, they became a bit boring and predictable. Furthermore, they clearly wanted to have a romance between Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis’ character that didn’t really fly with me.

Like they spent the night together, after which he subsequently robbed her and in doing so, he nearly prevented her from discovering what she has spent most of her life trying to find. Yet after all that, I’m expected to believe that she’s willing to overlook all that on the off chance that ‘there’s a good man in there somewhere’. Furthermore, after the week that he has known this woman, he’s prepared to embrace what has been hyped up to be the ultimate evil in order to bring her back from the dead? Sure Jan, sure.

So, to conclude, I had high expectations for this film due to the popularity of the previous ‘The Mummy’ films and unfortunately, it didn’t live up to them. The film simply tried too hard to be too many things; a comedy, a thriller, an action movie and the beginning of a franchise. As a result, ‘The Mummy’ didn’t feel much like one cohesive film but several different films or parts of films blended into one. If I had to rate it, it’d give it a 3/5.

But I have one burning question before I end the review that applies to both this film and the films from the previous Brendan Fraser series:

Why do the protagonists always ignore the glaring warning signs left by the people who made those tombs and wake up these mummies??

In both cases, the protagonists were aware of the warnings as they both had knowledge of and had studied the Ancient Egyptians, their decision to ignore both their teachings and the blatant warnings is both stupid and selfish!!


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