Before I fall- Film Review

After my last experience watching a similar film on Netflix (cue shameless promotion of You Get Me blog post) I was a little apprehensive about watching this film. However, I have to admit that I kind of enjoyed it. The film is far from perfect but it is watchable and even enjoyable, at times. But before I start this review I’m gonna put out a SPOILER warning for all those who may wish to watch it. You’ve been warned!

The plot for this film is fairly simple, think teen high school drama meets ground hog day. The main character Samantha (Zoey Deutch) wakes up expecting her day to be absolutely fantastic. It’s Cupid day, so she’s looking forward to receiving loads of roses and finally pop her cherry with her “amazing” boyfriend Rob (Kian Lawley). However, her day doesn’t go as planned as her and her friends go to this party where they proceed to harass the weird loner girl from their school Juliet (Elena Kampouris). This altercation sours their night to the point where they decide to leave, only to later get into an accident with a truck. Normally, that would be the end but Samantha soon discovers she was mistaken when she realises that she’s reliving that same awful day. The film then follows Sam as she attempts to end the loop that she is stuck in.

Firstly, I think the film was a bit lazy in its characterisation, for example, I knew straight away that Samantha and her friends were going to be a group of rich, mean, popular girls for these reasons:

  1. The way Samantha spoke to her parents and younger sister
  2. The way they discusssed the amount of roses that they had gotten previously and how much they expected to get this year
  3. The fact that they call each other ‘sluts’ and ‘bitches’

There are plenty more examples like this that focus on the central group of friends, but I have to say that these stereotypes weren’t exclusive to those characters. In fact, every character could be stereotyped in a similar fashion for example, the douche boyfriend was exactly that- a douche boyfriend, the grungy, hipster lesbian had lines like “I’m in heteronormative hell!” that firmly grounded her in that specific stereotype and lastly, Juilet the apparent class weirdo dressed in odd clothes, painted dark and unusual paintings in her spare time and sat by herself at lunch.

There were attempts to add depth to these characters which were somewhat successful but whether they were enough to stop them from being standard high school stereotypes is something I’m not too sure about.

However, negatives aside, I quite enjoyed seeing Sam relive each day and eventually get her redemption. I thought her “to hell with it phase” was hilarious as well as being the moment where she really stuck it to her horrible friends in particular, Lindsay (Halston Sage).

Furthermore, the ending completely took me by surprise. A pleasant one at that! I was expecting a complete happy ending but I was so wrong. I thought that if she fixed everything about that day, she would skip off into the sunset a new and better woman (with better friends) but that did not happen. Admittedly, this ending was way better as it was in a way, more satisfying.

So to conclude, this was a standard teen drama, tropes and all, but with an interesting twist. The film was definitely watchable though nothing outstanding and as a result, I’ll give it 3/5 stars.

So what did you think about the film? What do think about the ending? Feel free to leave a comment telling me your thoughts! 🙂


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