Poldark Series 3 Episode 7 Review 

If you thought last week’s episode was filled with tradegy and despair, then you will extremely saddened to hear that episode 6 was even worse. Joyful moments were few and far between this week as tragedy left no character untouched (well maybe Dwight and Caroline)

Arguably, the person who suffered the most was the newlywed Morwenna since her gross and vomit inducing husband turned out to be worse than we could have all imagined. In addition, to being greedy, arrogant and repulsive, the Reverend Whitworth is also abusive, which leads me to believe that this character has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It’s a shame that Morwenna cannot leave this horrible man and run away with Drake, especially now that she is pregnant. However, the arrival of her sister may prove to her saving grace as Rowella (Esme Coy) seems to have a more confrontational attitude than her sister. 

Furthermore, it seems that Ross and Demelza are going through another rough patch in their relationship as Delemza is growing tired of Ross’ stubborn nature. Honestly, at times it seems that Ross is his own worst enemy. If he had stood as a candidate for Truro in Parliament, then he could have tried to make things better for the poor in Cornwall from inside the system. However, he decided it was better to complain about things from the outside and turned down the position. On one hand, it could be argued that this a noble decision by the character, the likes of which, we as an audience, have become acustomed to and would usually respect. On the other hand, his decision led to George Warleggan swooping in to become the candidate instead. Knowing George, this will not be something that the good people of Truro will benefit from. In addition, it became apparent that Demelza feels neglected by Ross as he is becoming more and more insular. It’s not helping that a certain Hugh Armitage is spouting poetry and sending contemporary chat up lines her way. Ross Poldark better be careful that another man doesn’t run away with his wife! It’s time he realised how lucky he is to have Demelza!

Additionally, the most heartbreaking thing to happen this episode was the death of Aunt Agatha. The blame for this lies solely at the feet of George Warleggan who effectively robbed Aunt Agatha of her will to live by cancelling her birthday party. Moreover, I don’t think starving her and refusing her basic human rights helped either. And this was all so he could feel like a “big man”, finally getting his revenge on the mean old lady. This is the character’s lowest and most pathetic act of the entire show and I honestly can’t wait for karma to drag the dick right back down to earth. Of course, the magnificent Aunt Agatha played by Caroline Blakiston couldn’t leave without laying down some home truths. In her final moments, she hinted to George that he may not be Valentine’s father, an act that visibly hit George where it hurts. Although, a small part of me can’t help but wonder whether she went a little too far…

In attempts to end this review on a high, I have to mention how nice it was to see Caroline and Dwight both super happy and officially wedded. After all the strife and separation, it was heartwarming to see them happy and healthy. Furthermore, it was a welcome sight indeed to see Sam Carne (Tom York) exhibit emotion like a real person. I can’t wait so see if he gets together with the pirate’s daughter. Maybe he’ll become less of a killjoy!!

So, what did you think of this weeks episode? Leave a comment below with your thoughts! 😊

Featured Image taken from the Independent Online 


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