Poldark Series 3 Episode 9 Review

All good things must come to an end, including this series of Poldark. It definitely went out with a bang as all the tension built up over the course of the series exploded, leaving no character untouched- well perhaps the Enys’.

The first victim was the Reverend Whitworth who saw himself swindled out of a great deal of money by Morwenna’s sister, Rowella. Rowella claimed that she pregnant with Whitworth’s child and used this to extort money out of him in order to keep his transgression away from the Bishop. It was great to see the Reverend squirm as Rowella blackmailed him. I doubt she was even pregnant lol! Furthermore, Rowella’s actions caused Morwenna to stand up to the gross Reverend once and for all! It was glorious!

The second victim was Drake, who on the George’s orders, received a beating at the hands of Tom Harry (Turlough Convery). George Warleggan had been harassing Drake at his forge for no reason other than the fact that it was situated near his estate. Fed up of waking up to his forge being vandalised he went to Trenwith to appeal to Elizabeth to make it stop. However, on his way out, he was attacked and left for dead by Tom Harry. His beating was brutal, made even more so by the fact that it was done out of spite for Ross and Demelza.  This character has suffered so much at the hands of George that I really hope that in the next series, he finds happiness (hopefully with Morwenna).

The next person to be touched by the explosion that was this episode of Poldark was George Warleggan. Admittedly, I cannot see many people shedding a tear over this, however, I must say that Jack Farthing really brought the emotion to the point where I almost felt sorry the character. Elizabeth, fed with up with George’s paranoia and cruelty, threatened to end their marriage. This resulted in a display of vulnerability that the viewers have never seen from the character. In fact, it was so unlike George, that I found myself wondering whether he could change and become a semi-decent human. But I was wrong as he quickly reverts to his old, conniving ways by the end of the episode. Safe to say, George Warleggan will not be turning over a new leaf any time soon.

Lastly, Ross Poldark himself, could not escape the tidal waves that came out of this episode. Demelza, tired of Ross’ lies and negligence, decided to succumb to the advances from Hugh Armitage to Ross’ obvious despair. On one hand, I really do feel sorry for Ross as two wrongs to not make a right. On the other hand, he really did have this coming as one can only be neglected and ignored for so long. Yet, there is a glimmer of hope for the character as it seems that he will finally stepping up in the next series. Gone is the passive Poldark as he resolves to finally stand up to George on behalf of the common folk of Cornwall. If only he could have realised the error of his ways sooner…

So what did you think of the finale? Leave a comment below 🙂

Featured Image taken from the Daily Express Website 


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