The Expanse Season 2 Review

Although, it started off slowly, I really enjoyed the first season of The Expanse. The universe was so new and original to me that I could not help but get hooked. Imagine then, my delight at seeing the second series finally being released on Netflix. After a thrilling binge sesh of two days, here is my review:

Plot Summary

This season picks up soon after the devastating events of the season one finale that saw the inhabitants of Eros killed by a strange substance. Angered by what happened on Eros, the crew of the Rocinante go on a mission to get to the bottom of the debacle and uncover what exactly is this substance that killed so many. Meanwhile, on Earth Undersecretary Avarasala is also trying to understand what is happening around her as she feels, rightfully so, that she is missing some key information.

Good Points

Firstly, I have to commend the cast and characters for being absolutely excellent. Although, the series is set in such an amazing universe, it is still very much a character driven series. All the characters have important development that helps push the plot along or add to the emotional depth of the series. My favourite characters have to be Chrisjen Avasarala played by Shohreh Aghdashloo and Amos Burton played Wes Chatham. Chrisjen is an absolute BOSS! Nearly all my favourite scenes of the series involve her sassing some important character or using her keen intellect to figure things out. However, we also get to see a vulnerability to the character that makes her appear more ‘real’ by adding more dimensions to this fun yet morally grey character.

Furthermore, in this season we got to delve into the troubled mind of Amos and gain an understanding of how the character views and interacts with the world around him. For me, this was a definite highlight as it ended this perception that all Amos was to the crew was brawn. The character moved beyond that, evolving into a real person with depth and substance.

Another thing I really liked about this season was how the plot really came together and flowed despite taking place in several different locations. The first season was definitely slow to the mark, probably because it had to do more work setting the scene, introducing the characters etc. However, the plot for this season did not feel disjointed or slow, instead it moved at a good pace with everything feeling well put together. (If that makes any sense lol)

Additionally, another thing I liked about the season was the visuals. Everything looked so cool from the ship battles to the protomolecule to the different planets etc. The awesome visuals really helped me to fully engage with the universe and the series as a whole.

Bad Points

Truthfully, there were not any glaring problems with this season as a whole but in the interest of fairness(?) I will attempt to find something.

I wish that I got to spend more time with with Alex (Cas Anvar). Although, we did spend time with him as a character and got some welcome character development from him, I feel like the audience spent way more time with the other crew members of the Rocinante. I would like to see more about his background, his family, his roots on Mars etc. I feel like he, as a character, has more to give and I cannot wait to receive it.

Overall Comments and Ratings

Overall, I have to say that Season 2 of The Expanse was amazing! It was definite improvement upon the first season that started extremely slowly with many dull moments. In addition, the cast delivered brilliant performances that really propelled the show forward. Furthermore, the plot had many twists, turns and revelations that I never knew what to expect and I was always surprised. For these reasons, I will give The Expanse a rating of 4/5.

Have you seen The Expanse? What did you think? Leave a comment below 🙂

Featured Image taken from the Den of Geek website


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