Greenhouse Academy Review

I am a sucker for a good teen drama series! So when I saw the trailer for Greenhouse Academy, my interest was piqued. The trailer was giving me some mad House of Anubis vibes, which was fine because I absolutely loved that show. I tuned in expecting a programme of a similar style and caliber and here is what I found:

Plot Summary

Months after their mother dies in a tragic spaceship accident, Alex and Hayley Woods become students at the prestigious Greenhouse Academy. The once-close siblings drift apart after being placed in competing houses at the school. However, the siblings have chosen the wrong time to drift apart as it quickly become obvious that there is something sinister going on around them and the Greenhouse is right at the centre.

Good Point

Well, one good thing about the show was the fact that there were so many twists. You never knew who was lying, who was telling the truth, who was good or who was bad. You were truly on the edge of your seat by the end of the series. Furthermore, the final scenes of the final episode had me gasping in shock. I am now genuinely interested in a second series of the show.

Bad Points 

Unfortunately, this series was not fantastic and there were a lot more negatives than there were positives (in my opinion.)

Firstly, at times, the acting had me cringing. Furthermore, the actors were not helped by the script which was also super cringy, corny and predictable. These factors combined made it difficult for me to engage with series or at least take it seriously.

In addition, I found the characterisation of most of the characters to be lazy. This is a pet peeve of my mine that I really cannot stand. I find it to be lazy and unimaginative when people form characters on the basis of overused and pre-existing stereotypes. Nearly all the characters in Greenhouse Academy conformed to one pre-existing stereotype and it was super annoying and unoriginal to the point were I could guess their backstory before they even said a single word.

Overall Comments & Rating

That being said, I did not completely hate the Greenhouse Academy. In fact, I might actually watch the second series, if only to see how everything turns out. However, there are some major problems with script that need to corrected for the next series. Rating wise, I will give it a 2/5.

So have you seen Greenhouse Academy? What did you think? Comment below 🙂

Featured Image taken from Netflix (google image search)


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