Electric Dreams: The Hood Maker Review

When I saw the trailer for The Hood Maker, I was intrigued. It captured my attention with its dystopian setting, interesting premise and talented cast. I had high expectations for the Hood Maker, were they met? Here is my review:

Plot Summary

The Hood Maker takes place in a futuristic yet dystopian world where a new race of telepaths aka ‘teeps’ have emerged. Their telepathic abilities cause them to be hated by the rest of the population who do not have their abilities as they feel like they are no longer able to think freely. The tension between the two groups is only heightened when the government introduce a new law that allows for law enforcement to employ ‘teeps’ to work in the force and interrogate suspects. Agent Ross (Richard Madden) and Honor (Holliday Grainger) are the first partnership of this kind. Their awkward partnership is complicated further when it is revealed that the ‘teeps’ are planning something. Moreover, these hoods that prevent the ‘teeps’ from reading minds are secretly being made and distributed among the general public.

Good Points

The aspect of the episode that I liked the most was the way that the telepathy was portrayed, particularly in the interrogation scene at the beginning of the episode. That scene was vicious and violent without either of the characters lifting a finger. It truly looked like the guy was having his thoughts brutally ripped from his head as his will was eroded by the innocent-looking Honor. It was truly a fantastic scene to witness and both the actor playing the guy who interrogated and Holliday Grainger really sold it.

Furthermore, I love it when a TV series or film surprises me with an unexpected turn of events or character direction! Without giving anything away, I can definitely say that the Hood Maker definitely fell into this category. The last 10 minutes had gripped with eyes wide and transfixed on the TV. Oh, I really do love a good surprise!

In addition, I love programs that get the audience to think whilst they watch. This episode had me asking a whole bunch of questions like:

  1. How much state surveillance is too much?
  2. What would it be like to live in a world were my thoughts could be read and shared?
  3. How cool would it be to have telepathy?
  4. How distressing must it be to know exactly what others think about you all the time?

Bad Points

There is only one thing that really irked me concerning this episode and that was the ambiguous ending. On one hand, ambiguous endings can be quite fun since they keep the audience guessing, creating a ‘will they or wont they?’ type scenario. On the other hand, they can also be quite frustrating as unanswered questions can be really unfulfilling. For example, no one would have been pleased if J.K Rowling had written six of the seven Harry Potter books before deciding to stop, leaving the story unfinished and incomplete. For me, the ending was sort of like that, albeit a lot less drastic. As a person who likes nice, neat ending, this was not what I got.

Overall Comments and Rating

So, all in all, The Hood Maker was an excellent introduction to what looks to be an excellent anthology series based on the writings of Phillip K. Dick. It was well written and well executed by all who worked on it, in front of and behind the camera. I am looking forward to the rest of the series! Rating wise, I’d say it was a solid 4/5.

Did you like the Hood Maker? Leave a comment ! 🙂

Featured Image taken from an article on the Radio Times Website 




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