Wonder Woman Review

I have finally (finally!) managed to watch Wonder Woman. I have heard great things about this film from the acting and cast to the plot and fight choreography. Did the film live up to the hype? Here’s my review (Spoilers ahead- although, it has been a while and I feel like you should have seen the film by now):

Plot Summary 

Diana’s (Gal Gadot) life on the Themyscira is turned upside down by the arrival of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). After witnessing the devastation of the battle on the beach and hearing from Steve about the horrors of WWI, Diana decides to leave the island with the objective of killing Ares, consequently ending the war. Over the course of this mission, the audience watch Diana become Wonder Woman.

Good Points

Firstly, all the actors and characters in this film, my favourites being Chris Pine and Gal Gadot, are brilliant. Especially Gal Gadot who is excellent as Wonder Woman. Or simply as a female superhero overall. She is everything that a superhero should be: brave, smart, strong, compassionate etc. Moreover, she managed to do all of this whilst looking FABULOUS the entire way through! I really hope that her performance has inspired directors to make more films with female superheros or simply strong female characters at the helm. Furthermore, I really like Chris Pine as Steve Trevor! It is also really nice to see a man in the love interest role, a role normally reserved for a female co-lead.

In addition, there are some really great action scenes in this film that were really fun to watch. My favourites being the scene where Diana and Steve are surrounded by German agents in London and the scene when Diana runs into No-Mans Land. In those scenes, it really looked like Gal Gadot was a highly trained Amazonian warrior and as a result, they are extremely enjoyable to watch.

Bad Points

Although, I have praised the fight scenes in this film, there was one that I was not impressed by. This particular fight scene comes at the end, directly after the death of Steve in the air plane. Diana, in a fit of rage, begins to plough through the enemy surrounded by some red mist. This scene reminded me of some of the fight scenes from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword where Arthur would speed through the enemy leaving no man alive. Just like Arthur her movements were sped up to the point where it was hard to see what was going on. Furthermore, her actions showed no sign of the skill that she had demonstrated in previous battles. I don’t think that the scene needed that type of battle. In fact, I think these types of battles should be left out of all future action movies. #justsaying

In addition, another thing that really irked me throughout the film was Diana’s stubbornness, especially when it was combined with her ignorance. Now, don’t get me wrong, stubbornness in a character is fine. But when they make rash decisions and judgements on subjects that they know little of, it begins to grate on my nerves. Diana did this on several occasions and it was truly annoying. In my mind, if I knew nothing about the world, I know that I would listen to those that did and make decisions accordingly. There is nothing noble or heroic about deliberately ignoring sound advice on a topic you know little about.

Overall Comments and Rating

To conclude, I absolutely loved this film! It was fun, well acted and well executed. A desperately needed win for the DC cinematic universe. I only hope that they manage to keep this up for the sequel!

Concerning the ratings, I’ve decided to rate out of 10 in all future reviews. Wonder Woman will be the first with a rating of 8/10.

Random Comment

Wouldn’t it have been much easier for Hippolyte to tell Diana about her parentage and power rather than cryptically allude to it? I honestly cannot see a good explanation behind why she hid it from her. But I suppose there’d have been no real “surprise” at the end if we had known from the start…

So what did you think of Wonder Woman? Leave a Comment below 🙂

Featured image taken from the Den of Geek Website


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