Riverdale Series 2 Episode 1 Review

Ever since the events of the first season’s dramatic finale, I’ve been super excited for the show to return. The show never seizes to shock the audience with unforeseen twists and mind blowing revelations and unsurprisingly, this episode was no different. Here’s my review of Riverdale Series 2 Episode 1:


Plot Summary

Archie takes his gravely wounded father to the hospital. Fred’s condition is precarious and it essentially becomes a waiting game to see whether he will pull through. Meanwhile, Jughead has a theory on the incident and uses his Southside Serpent contacts to test said theory with rather violent results. Lastly, Hiram Lodge is back in town and it’s clear that his reappearance is going to shake things up dramatically.

Good Points

One of the best things about Riverdale as a series is that it is never predictable. For example, even though I expected Fred to eventually pull through, I didn’t expect to see the return of Miss Grundy…. and her subsequent demise! By the same guy who shot Fred Andrews no less! This had me asking all kinds of questions such as:

  1. What do Miss Grundy and Fred Andrews have in common for them to be targeted by the same person?
  2. What is the murderer’s motive?
  3. Will he strike again?
  4. If he does, then who will be his next victim?

Furthermore, I’m really happy that Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) has finally arrived in Riverdale. He was such an important yet unseen part of series one, working in the shadows and wrecking havoc. I can’t wait to see what he will do now that he has a physical presence in the show. Will he still be as scary? Time will tell…

Additionally, I have to say that I love the direction that the character of Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) is heading. Now I have always thought this character was crazy and a little bit terrifying but she’s a whole new level of batshit now. I cannot wait to see how her heightened crazy will effect the characters and the plot.

Bad Points

This was a pretty solid episode, and as a result, there aren’t many negative aspects to talk about. However, for the sake of balance I will say that I found Archie’s vigil at the end of the episode to be quite ridiculous. Does he feel like he’s going to actually confront the man who attacked his dad? And even if he did come back, MY MAN HAD A GUN?!! What does Archie think he is gonna do with his little baseball bat?

Overall Comments and Rating 

This was a really good start for Riverdale Series 2. It beautifully set up conflicts and dilemmas for all the characters whilst introducing new characters and removing others. Furthermore, it was well acted and well written and for that I will give a rating of 9/10.

So what did you think of Riverdale Series 2 Epsiode 1? Leave a comment down below ! Featured Image taken from the justjared website 


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