Riverdale Series 2 Episode 2 Review

Well, after watching a second episode of Riverdale, it looks like the audience will be on the edge of their seats for the foreseeable future as this episode was full of shock revelations and unexpected surprises. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Plot Summary

There’s strife all round in this week’s episode of Riverdale with the closure of Pop’s diner, the possibility of 20 years in prison for JP, Archie’s paranoia and the breakup of the once close Lodge family. However, the ever optimistic Betty and “I’m a serpent now” Jughead are on the case to at least try to rectify the first two dilemmas . Meanwhile, Archie looks for new ways to “protect” his father from the madman on the loose whilst also, making some interesting though not entirely crazy assumptions about the man who shot his dad and possibly killed Ms Grundy.

Good Points

This episode saw the return of Dark Betty and I loved it. She may not have donned a wig and bikini but she was back and badder than ever. I find this side of Betty is super interesting and really wish we got to see more of it. In fact, the whole interaction between Betty and Cheryl was like the battle of the bad bitches and it was really fun to see the two girls battle it out. What’s more, it was even more satisfying to see Betty win.

Also, I liked the scene where Archie attacked Reggie believing that he was his father’s attacker. When Reggie scolded (if that’s the right word) Archie for bringing a baseball bat to a gunfight, I found myself violently nodding in agreement. I understand and sympathise with Archie’s trauma but what he’s doing is stupid and it’s high time that someone called him up on it.

Bad Points

I really was not a fan of the revelation that Hiram Lodge was indeed the person to send that threat to Veronica. It doesn’t sit right with me that a headstrong and confident character like Hermione Lodge would be such a pushover or loyal to the point of being a doormat for her clearly shady husband. It doesn’t feel like the character would do that, so I’m hoping that she has some trick up her sleeve to get herself out of that toxic relationship or at least give some hurt to Hiram.

Overall Comments and Rating

So, this was another entertaining episode of Riverdale where the phrase ‘the plot thickens’ can be applied. By the end of the episode, it is made abundantly clear that Riverdale is slowly but surely becoming a dark and dangerous place and I can’t wait to see what happens. Rating wise, I would say the episode is a definite 8/10.

But what did you think of the episode ?

Featured Image taken from flickeringmyth.com 


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