Sense 8 Season 2 Review

Sense8 was a programme that I discovered relatively late. In fact, I only really began watching it after season 2 was released. Yet, despite my late arrival to the fold, I really enjoyed the the series. Furthermore, I was absolutely devastated when Netflix decided to cancel it, especially after the shocking finale of season 2. However, when they revealed that it would be back for a finale 2018, I nearly cried tears of joy! I promised myself that I would re-watch season 2 in honour of that news and that’s exactly what I did, here’s my review:

Plot Summary

The cluster have their hands full this series as everyone is dealing with their own yet shared problems. Will and Riley are working overtime to defeat whispers, Kala is dealing with her feelings for Wolfgang made even more difficult with her status as a newlywed, Wolfgang is dealing with the fallout of killing a powerful crime lord, Capheaus is dipping his toe into politics, Lito is dealing with the aftermath of him coming out, Sun is seeking revenge for her father and finally, Nomi is working to get the FBI off her back.

Good Points

Firstly, it must be said that this season was MILES better than series one! MILES! One of the reasons for that was the fact that there were more group scenes where all the characters got to interact with one another. For me, when the whole cast is together, the series is at its best, be it a fighting scene or a moment where there is an emotional speech. Those scenes were the most memorable ones as they really get to the heart of what the programme is about.

Another thing that I loved was the fact that the world was expanded exponentially in this season. Every good fantasy/sci-fi universe must be well developed and expansive and season 2 was well on its way to doing this. We learned of other clusters, the origins of BPO, more about the their abilities etc. All these developments made the world seem more real and as a result, the audience were able to engage with it more making it more enjoyable.

Bad Points

While, this season was definitely an improvement on the previous one, there were a still a few issues. One thing that irked me was the fact that the cluster were surprised that other clusters existed. In my opinion, this was really ignorant of them. Why would an organisation like BPO exist if there were only a few sensesates in existence?

Furthermore, while the season did make a visible effort to expand the world and explain their abilities as sensesates, I have to admit that, at times, what they could do seemed impossible and unlikely. For example, in the finale, Sun managed to undo her handcuffs by reaching for the bar from the vent. Now I understand that Will is able to break out of all kinds of handcuffs, and therefore, so can Sun. But, there’s no way that she’d physically be able to get the bar with her hands handcuffed behind her back. Or at least it would have been really difficult to do. It was possible to ignore these errors from time to time but a person can only do this for so long before they begin to be taken out of the show…

Overall Comment and Ratings

Overall, I loved this season of Sense8. It managed to build on what worked in season one whilst getting rid of the stuff that didn’t work. The pacing of this season was far better too as it never felt as if the show was dragging along. If I had to rate this season, I’d give it an 8/10.

What did you think of this season? Leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Sense 8 Season 2 Review

  1. I LOVE Sense8, and really, really enjoyed the first season. I was a bit worried season 2 would be a bit of a letdown but it turns out I needn’t have worried at all. I loved season 2 as well. As I really enjoyed season 1, I would say that they are equally as good (but definitely in different ways). 🙂

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    1. Hey, thanks for commenting !
      Even though, I definitely preferred season 2 to season 1, I still enjoyed it. But I feel like season 1 was quite slow at times and didn’t really pick up until the end of the season. That may be because there had to be a lot of explanation and introduction to the characters and the world.

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      1. I really enjoyed the first series’ introduction to the characters and their individual storylines, especially Wolgang’s, Sun’s and Capheus’. But I certainly get what you mean, it was much, much slower than the second series.


      2. That’s true, it was fun to see the background for all the characters in season one. But I think season two did balance character time and action time better. But both good seasons nonetheless 😊


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