The To-Do List (2013) Film Review

This was another of those films that I remember wanting to see when it first advertised, however, I never actually got round to watching it. Then, years passed (four to be exact) and I completely forgot about it until it popped up on Netflix. My former interest in it was reignited  and I finally got round to watching it. Here’s my review:

Plot Summary

Wanting to feel more sexually experienced before she goes to university, straight A student Brandy Clark devises a to-do list to get through over the summer with hilarious consequences.

Good Points

Firstly, the film was hilarious! Watching Brandy, this awkward, bossy and sometimes annoying girl discover her sexual side was so fun to watch. Aubrey Plaza was amazing as Brandy. Her performance had me in stitches. Another performance that I also enjoyed was that of Clark Gregg as her dad. He played the role of “conservative father of two daughters” to perfection. I laughed at every scene he was in.

Secondly, I really liked the message at the end of the film. Normally in these kinds of film, the message at the end is to place this honour on sex, which is fine and all, however, I liked how Brandy came to a different conclusion. It was original and made the film stand out for me even more.

Bad Points

I don’t really have many criticisms of the film but I had to pick one I’d say that not all the jokes landed. For example, Brandy accidentally eating poop in the pool was not something that me laugh.

Overall Comments and Ratings

To conclude, the To-Do List is a hilarious film with a really funny premise and somewhat original conclusion. It’s definitely worth a watch! Rating wise, I’ll give it a 7/10.

So have you see the To-Do List? What did you think of it? Leave a comment below !

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