Godless TV Series Review

I knew I was going to watch Godless as soon the trailer appeared on Netflix. Normally, I don’t like Western style films or series, however, the plot looked super interesting. Furthermore, I absolutely love Jack O’Connell, so when I saw that he was in, it further motivated me to watch it. So I did, and it here’s my review:

Plot Summary

When a mining accident resulted in the death of nearly all of the male population the town La Belle, the women of the town find themselves taking on the roles that their dearly departed used to do. And after two years, they learn to handle the hardships that it brings, however, the arrival of stranger in the town brings a whole new set of problems that they must face.

Good Points

Firstly, I have to say that the acting and characterisation in this program were amazing. The characters were all multi-faceted and the actors played them brilliantly. My standouts have to be Jack O’Connell as the mysterious Roy Goode, Merritt Wever as Mary Agnes, Scoot McNairy as Bill McNue and lastly, Tantoo Cardinal as Iyovi. Every time one of these characters were on screen, I found myself unable to look away or roaring with laughter at something they said or did.

Secondly, the shootout scene in the last episode was epic! As a said before, I normally find Western’s boring, predictable and uninteresting with the shootouts being quite ridiculous. However, this shootout was brilliant! I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen for solid five minutes as there were bullets flying all around and people were dropping like flies.

Bad Points

My main criticism of the series has little to do with the actual series itself but the advertising campaign that Netflix ran to promote this programme. Now, the trailers for Godless heavily promoted the series as a female orientated Western. However, it cannot be denied that while there were many female characters, most of the action and story followed the main male characters. When I searched Godless online, I saw many criticisms about this particular aspect of the programme. Yet, in the series defence, while the show many spend a lot of time with its male characters, that doesn’t mean that the female character suffer any losses because of it. In fact, characters like Mary Agnes and Alice Fletcher (Michelle Dockery) really carried the programme and drove the plot.

Overall Comments and Ratings

So to conclude, Godless was wickedly entertaining series fulled with action packed scenes and an amazing cast. Rating wise, I’d say it was a 8/10.

But what did you think? Leave a comment below !

Featured Picture taken from the Allociné website



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