Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

I had wanted to see this film for AGES! So when my dad offered to take me to see it, I was out the door in five and on my way to the cinema. Even though, I’ve seen many mixed reviews on the film, I have to say that this will not be one of them. Without further adieu, here’s my review:

First of all, I absolutely loved the comedy in this film! I laughed a lot during my viewing of the film as there were so many genuinely comedic moments scattered throughout the movie. My favourite has to be when Ray completely destroys the houses resulting in some extremely unhappy caretakers. This was then followed closely by the scene with Chewy and the Porgs in the Millenium Falcon. I know they were basically included for the sole purpose of selling of selling toys but I did genuinely love those cute little animals. However, whilst I may have enjoyed all the jokes present in the film, I can understand why some viewers felt that the jokes took away from some pretty serious moments in the film. So perhaps, next time there may need to be more of a balance between humour and levity.

Next, I absolutely loved the action scenes in the film. They were all incredible to watch my favourite being the Kylo Ren & Ray team up against the Pretorian Guards. This scene had me shooketh! This is scene is hands down, my favourite from the film!

If I had to complain about something, it would have to be the way the film treats Captain Phasma. Honestly, at the beginning, I had such high hopes for this character due to the fact that Gwendoline Christie was playing her. However, I’m sad to say that character has been rendered completely and utterly useless since her introduction. I imagine she was supposed to be this menacing villain but… shes just not. She’s WAAAY too easily defeated and barely has any significant scenes. Brienne of Tarth deserves better!

In conclusion, The Last Jedi was an epic new addition to the Star Wars Saga. It introduced some fabulous new characters to the franchise, whilst allowing older characters to have some well needed character development (with one notable exception). Furthermore, there were some breathtaking action sequences and visuals that resulted in the movie being an absolute joy to watch. Rating wise, I’d say that it is definitely a 9/10.

But what did you think of the film? Comment below with your views on it

Feature Image taken from a Metro Online Article


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