Riverdale Season 2 Episode 10 Review

Riverdale is back! And consequently, so are my Riverdale “weekly” episode reviews. Moreover, I have to say that this is a good episode to restart the reviews on because there were lots of interesting developements that took place which are likely to cause shockwaves later on in the series. So without further delay, here’s my review of the latest Riverdale episode:

As the episode gets going, it becomes clear that even with the Black Hood locked away, nothing is going back to the way it was before. For starters, Mrs Blossom is now working as an escort (hehe), Southside High has been closed and as a result, certain students have been sent to Riverdale High to finish their schooling, Polly Cooper has joined a cult, Archie Andrews is conversing with the FBI about the Lodge’s and finally, Betty’s long lost brother is back in Riverdale.

With so much happening and so many new developments the episode was pretty fun to watch. My favourite parts of the episode revolved around the merging of the schools as it was nice to see the Serpents in a new environment that wasn’t the bar or their poop hole of school. Also, watching their arguably pretty sensible reaction to being moved was pretty refreshing to see. I was expecting them to take it badly and make a scene but it was nice to have the characters particularly Toni take it so well. However, there was one big fat exception to this point, and that was Jughead. Jughead really annoyed me this episode with his “Serpents must shed not their skins” nonsense. How can Jughead, who has only been a Serpent for a mere five minutes, lecture anyone on the Serpent code? Furthermore, he’s blowing the whole situation WAY out of proportion. So what if they can’t wear their jackets at school! And what exactly do the Serpents do at school that they need to have their own secret club to be “Serpents”? What is it exactly that binds them together? Their shared love for leather?

In addition, I’m super excited to find out who exactly Polly’s brother is. My hunch says he’s the real Black Hood, but I’m hoping it’s not that obvious. Whatever or whoever he is, one thing that’s certain is that he is one creepy dude, who clearly manufactured that situation at the hostel so that he could insert himself into the Cooper’s lives. Riverdale thrives on mystery and the mystery surrounding Chic Cooper is one of the shows best yet.

In conclusion, this was a good episode to kick off the rest of the series. There’s so much going on, it’s hard to know where to look. However, after having followed Riverdale for nearly a season a bit now, it’s clear that these events will all play a part in some bigger and delicious plot line.

Rating 8/10

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Featured Image taken from Vulture.com


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