La Casa de Papel Part 1 Series Review

Here in France, this series has been on everybody lips. People have been heaping praise on the plot, the acting etc. So, not wanting to miss out, I decided to watch the series, and I was not disappointed, here is my review:

Firstly, I love watching series/films that involve characters enacting these elaborate and clever plans to achieve a difficult goal. This series definitely fits into this category explaining why I found this to be such a compelling drama. Listening to Rio narrate/explain the Professors plan was, hands down, the best part of the series. It kept me glued to my telly as I marvelled at the cleverness of this one man playing puppet master and anticipating the actions of those trying to catch him. Moreover, it helped keep the tension high throughout the drama for in those moments when you thought that the inspector had them cornered, it would become clear that he’d thought of that too and had devised a fail-proof way of getting out of trouble. The plan was so clever, so original, I felt like I had no choice but to root for the bad guys. Besides, I’m British and we love an underdog.

Secondly, I love how this drama wasn’t solely a heist drama. Another reason why I and probably many others loved the band of robbers was because we got to know them intimately over the course of the series. We learned their motivations, their weaknesses, personal history, hopes and dreams. After that, it was impossible to see them as these greedy, evil crooks. Instead, they became real, human characters. Flawed yet not necessarily bad people. Although, I do have put a question mark over the character of Berlin because he was super creepy. Yet, I cannot deny that I absolutely loved exploring this character.

If there is one thing that I would critique the series on is the romance between Denver and Monica. On one hand, I totally understand that their relationship was meant to show how Denver, who supposedly didn’t bring any apparent skills to the heist, was kind of like the heart of the series (or at the very least, he shared that title with Nairobi). On the other hand, I thought it made no sense and showed no forethought on Denver’s behalf. For example,

1. How will their relationship continue after the heist?

2. How are they gonna raise that baby together with him being a criminal?

3. How will she explain the situation to Arturo aka the father of her baby?

Furthermore, Stockholm Syndrome is a thing, so while I understand that their moment was pretty beautiful and romantic, let’s not forget that he did shoot her in the leg.

To conclude, I think that la Casa de Papel was an excellent heist series with a heart. I really enjoyed watching the robbers carefully execute the Professors plan. Furthermore, the ending of this first part of the series leaves me with so many questions and as a result, I cannot wait until the Netflix releases the next part. Rating: 9/10

But what did you think of the series? Do you love a good heist drama? Leave a comment below!

Featured Image taken from la Casa de Papel IMDb page


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