Greenhouse Academy Series 2 Review

Now if any of you have read my review of the first series of Greenhouse Academy, you would know that I wasn’t a fan of the acting nor the lazy characterisation But, my interest was peaked by the twists and turns that took place in the season finale. So, when series two appeared on the Netflix spotlight page, I was a little bit excited, if only so that I could finally see how it all ended up. Here’s my review:

To begin, I have to say that the acting was MUCH better than in series one! SO MUCH BETTER!!! In addition, the characters no longer seemed to rely so heavily upon clichés as they did in the first series. In a way, I believe that in series 2, we were allowed to see the characters develop and be a lot less one-dimensional. As a consequence, the season was a lot engaging and entertaining as I actually cared about some of the characters.

Another positive that I have about the series was that it was well paced. A lot of suspense and mysterious series suffer from being too slow at times in an effort to manufacture tension in the audience. However, this was not the case in this season as it all flowed pretty well.

Whilst I admit that the series has definitely improved since the first season, it still had its problems. One of my criticism for the series was that it was WAAAAAYYYY too far fetched at times. I mean hypnotism, really? Sure, I understand that the Greenhouse is this school for extremely talented individuals who can do things that normal people can’t. However, the fact remains that the series is based in this reality not an alternate universe and things like that can really pull you out of the series because they seem ridiculous.

Another thing that I didn’t like in this season was the fact that in the finale, you had about 3- 4 characters throwing around the love word like they were playing basketball. Now you could just say that this critique of the show is based on me being a unromantic, grouchy troll (and you’d be right lol). However, in my opinion. I feel like this type of behaviour in shows is usually reserved for teen angsty drama series/films and they are truly my pet peeves. Honestly, for the last 10 minutes or so of the finale, my eyes were spinning in disbelief at how corny it was. Yet, in the series defence, it is a teen drama and that type of nonsense is to be expected.

To conclude, Greenhouse Academy Series 2 was an enjoyable experience due to the fact that the show had undergone some series improvements since its first season. So, even though the plot could seem a little stupid and unbelievable at times, it was still quite enjoyable to watch the characters try to deal with those wild situations as they happened. Also, I really want to know who was at Hayley’s door in those final moments, so another season would be appreciated.

Did you like this season of the Greenhouse Academy? Leave a comment !

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