Coco Film Review

Last week, I finally got the chance to watch Coco and boy did I love it. Here’s my review:

First things first, I loved the songs in this film. I am of the opinion that for a Disney film to be truly successful, its songs must be on point. Coco did exactly that with some really fun songs performed by people with amazing voices. My favourites being Poco Loco and Recuérdame mainly due to the star of the film Anthony Gonzalez. This boy will go far and I look forward to seeing him succeed.

Another thing I really liked about the film was how aesthetically pleasing it was. Miguel and his human family genuinely all looked like a real people! Their likeness to real humans was mind-blowing. In addition, the land of the dead where the film takes place was absolutely astonishing! It was all so colourful and beautiful to see, familiar to the world of living with things like customs and mansions yet there was something so magical about the world that made it so beautiful and unlike anything I had seen before.

Also, in a world where cultures are often appropriated and misrepresented by different studios, it was nice to have a film where this was not the case. It’s refreshing to see a film about Mexican culture staring people from that culture. For me, it’s things like this that truly help films to shine and reach wider audiences whilst managing to not alienate the culture concerned.

Normally, I try to find some aspect of the film that I didn’t like, however, in this case, I cannot think of anything worth mentioning.

So, to resume, I think Coco was a wonderful film filled with surprises, amazing songs and a beautiful message about family and following your dreams.

Rating : 9/10

What did you think of this amazing film? Leave a comment below 😊

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