Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Review

It feels like I’ve been waiting so long for this film to be released 10 years to be exact! I had such high hopes for this film as it meant I would get to see all my favourite characters come together to hopefully defeat a worthy villain. Did it live up to my expectations…? HELL YAAAASSS!!

Here’s my review (with spoilers):

First of all, the aspect of the film that I loved the most was the fact that there were clearly stakes involved. This is no ordinary Marvel superhero film where only the bad guys die. This time, the heroes died too! Even Loki, a character that everybody loved to hate died within the first 10 minutes of the film. The immediacy of it really hit home as he was a character who always managed to land on his feet, no matter what. However, I suppose his luck ran out as his character arc could no longer sustain this “one day evil, next day not” flip flop that he maintained for years. Speaking of deaths, there’s no way I could omit the final scenes which saw half of the Avengers being disintegrating into nothing as Thanos finally gets all the stones and snaps his fingers. This scene was extremely heart breaking for me, especially when Peter Parker disappears right before Tony. Although, I imagine it would have been even more impactful if I hadn’t known about the confirmed and upcoming sequels for some of the departed heroes.

Secondly, I liked watching all the characters from across the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe come together and interact with one another. My favourite grouping being Thor and the Guardians, followed closely by Team Tony. I feel like these teams worked best because they experts managed the balance between seriousness and humour. I feel like this was necessary in a film like this because the film had some really dark moments and as a result, it needed to have some humour to lighten the mood at times.

There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about this film however, one thing that I didn’t much like was the presence of shaky cam in the final action scene. I really hate it when the camera shakes during action scenes as it makes it really hard to see what was going on during the fight. But I must admit that, the shaky cam during this fight wasn’t all that bad and thus, it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the scene.

In conclusion, I waited 10 years for Infinity war and it didn’t disappoint! It was great to see all my favourite superheroes in one movie fighting against a worthy Marvel villain. I cannot wait for Part II.

Rating: 9/10

What did you think of the film? Dites-moi!


Featured Image taken from allocine.fr


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