La Casa de Papel Part 2 Review

This was a series that I really loved and couldn’t wait to finish, so that I could review the rest. That’s what I did and here’s my review:

First of all, the thing I loved the most (like last time) was watching the game of cat and mouse between the police and the robbers. It was absolutely fascinating to watch them go at it like that. Furthermore, I really liked all the internal power struggles going on inside the bank amongst the robbers. It added another dynamic to an already layered drama.

However, what I didn’t like so much was how the numerous romances in the show overshadowed the real drama of the series. That’s not to say that I didn’t like these romances, no sir ! But I do feel like toward the end, they did start to be the main focus in place of the heist. For example, (SPOILER AHEAD) am I really supposed to accept that the lead investigator would leave behind her child to go search for a man who had lied and manipulated her from the moment they met because he admitted that he had feelings for her? Or was Rio ready to throw away all his work for the heist and screw over his friends because his girlfriend was kicked out? I think not…

Nonetheless, I have to say that La Casa was a brilliant series with so many dramatic moments, twist and turns that I could barely keep up. It managed to become more than just a heist film even if I didn’t always appreciate it.

Rating : 8/10

What did you think of Part II? Let me know 😊

Featured Image taken from allociné


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