Demain tout commence Film Review

Recently, I have been watching films expecting to feel happy and fulfilled when they finished, however, upon seeing the end credits roll up the screen, I don’t feel happy no fulfilled. Instead, I feel attacked by emotions, empty and lost. Not that I didn’t enjoy the film that I came to see, on the contrary, I loved it. However, I found myself feeling as I had been stabbed in the heart by an emotional twist that I hadn’t seen coming (as is the nature of all twists). This film definitely fell into this category. When I bought this film, I expected a fun feelgood experience that would have me smiling ear to ear when it was finished. But I was wrong… so so so wrong. Again, this isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the film but it really did rip my heart out. Here’s what I thought in depth:

First thing I must mention is that Omar Sy was by far my favourite thing about this film. The French actor oozes charisma and makes all the characters that he plays likeable even if they aren’t naturally likeable. In addition, his charisma makes it so that he has amazing chemistry with any and all actors that act alongside him. As a result, watching him act with the actress that played his daughter, Gloria Colston) and the actor that played his best friend in London (Antoine Bertrand) was super endearing because they felt like a real family unit.

Next, I must write about the thing that ripped my heart out… the ending. It is made clear at the beginning of the film that someone is terminally ill. What’s more, the film makes the audience believe that it is Omar Sy’s character… but it isn’t. In a monologue by Sy’s character at the end, we learn that it was, in fact, his daughter Gloria who was terminally ill and has died. This broke my heart because I wasn’t expecting it. In addition, it felt like all the efforts on behalf of Sy’s character to keep his daughter was in vein because she died. Call me naive, but after all he went through, I really wanted them to be together but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

So, even with the shocking ending, I really enjoyed this film. It was everything that I had come to expect from Sy’s films; funny, moving and ‘feel good’. I loved the reverse on the whole single parent dynamic as we so often shown single mothers. In addition, I liked the unconventional family unit that developed between Gloria, her dad and Bernie.

Rating: 8/10

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