The Bold Type Series 1 Review

The Bold Type had been on my radar for some time but I was hesitant to watch it. When I realised that I had no good reason to hesitate watching the series, I decided to put it on and devote a few dates to finishing it. I’m so glad that I did! Here’s my review:

Firstly, the thing I loved the most about the series was the relationship between the three main characters. In a show like this, chemistry between the leads is key. If there’s no chemistry, then the entire show is dead. Thankfully, this was not the case here. The three members of the main cast brilliantly bounced off each other. They genuinely seemed like good friends and as a result, I was able to engage with them more. When they went through a crisis, I really wanted them to succeed as if they were my own friends going through problems.

Secondly, I liked how the series tackled various important social issues and taboos like orgasms, sexuality, cancer screening and rape. Over the last few years, I have seen TV and films become more socially aware than before. Many films and series have endeavoured to delve into subjects like this and bring them to people action, and I’m all here for it. The Bold Type is an amazing example of this type of socially aware programming.

Although, there were many great things that I liked about the show, I have to admit that, at times, the show played out like a fairy tale. It was entirely too convenient and there always was a happy ending which is nice but entirely unrealistic.

In conclusion, The Bold Type was a great series with an amazing cast. It deftly tackled some difficult subjects, all the while, keeping it light and fun. Although, the light nature of the series arguably made it feel like a fairy tale at times.

Rating: 8/10

Have you seen the show? Let me know what you thought about it !

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