The Many Faces of Ito Series Review

I love a good foreign drama, I do. When I saw the trailer for this program, I thought it was worth a watch, and so I decided to watch it. Here’s what I thought:

First off, this program was nothing like the trailer advertised it to be. In this case, this was a good thing. I thought the series was going to be a pleasant rom com but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned to be more of a mystery series. And a interesting one at that. I loved how the main character was using the four girls testimony to paint a picture of who she thought Ito could be. It reminded me a lot of shows like Criminal Minds where criminal behaviour is analysed and then a profile is made based on that information.

In addition, the lead actress was the best part of this series. Her commentary on the other characters had me rolling in tears at times. She was smart, funny, cunning but surprisingly quite fragile too, as seen in the last episode. All this made her a fun character and a worthy lead.

The one thing I didn’t like about the series is the way it ended. It didn’t feel completely satisfied with the end as it felt unfinished. I had so many questions such as:

1) Will Rio ever write a new script?

2) What was Tokyo Doll House about?

3) What’s gonna happen to Ito?

4) Why was he at her door in the end scenes?

Despite these queries, I really did like series. I found it to be hilarious whilst also quite moving at times as we were able to see into the complicated lives of five different yet somewhat damaged women.

Rating: 8/10

Have you seen the show? What did you think?

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