13 Reasons Why Series 2 Review

13 Reasons Why is one of the only shows that genuinely moved me when I first watched it. It was raw, brutal but also extremely real. The first series tackled some of the most controversial and taboo subjects in modern society and in response it was both loved and hated by critics and viewers alike. Personally, I enjoyed the first series even though, it could be really graphic at times. This may be because I’m of the opinion that these things needs to be shown and made visible to the public. No longer can we avoid talking about these topics; bringing them to light is imperative. However, this is something that must be done carefully and with great thought and attention to the audience who may be silently suffering from the issues brought up in the show. In my opinion, series 1 did this and I desperately hoped that series 2 did the same. Here’s my review:

Firstly, it was clear that the people behind 13 Reasons Why were listening to the criticisms they received after the release of the first series. They added trigger warnings before each episode, a helpful introduction with the actors at the beginning of the first episode, helpline instructions at the end of each episode and an hour long special at the end of the series that discussed the reality of what they had shown in the series. Now whilst I never had any problems with how they portrayed any of the darker aspects of the series, I understand that others could have been triggered by the quite brutal nature of it. I feel like these warnings were an excellent addition to the show and really showed that the producers were conscious of the material they were making, the impact it would have and as a consequence, took steps to ensure that they were responsible.

Secondly, the acting in the series was amazing! Everyone brought their A game and really brought the characters and story to life. I felt so connected to the characters and their stories and that was mostly down to the actors and their A* performances. My standouts had to be Tyler (Devin Druid), Justin (Brandon Flynn), Jessica (Alisha Boe) and Alex (Miles Heizer).

However, if there was one thing that I didn’t like this season, it was the character of Clay. Although, the role was acted really well, I really hated the way the character was. He was ignorant, childish and selfish. Often, he did things that only served himself and what he thought was right without a thought about anyone else. Over the course of the series, I found it harder and harder to empathise with the character.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this series of 13 Reasons Why. It was well acted, well directed and extremely moving. The show highlighted really important issues in our society in a responsible way. However, I do have one fear… It was revealed yesterday that the series had been renewed for a third series. Now on one hand, Im super excited to see these characters stories go on especially after the way it ended. On the other hand, the writers must be careful to not “milk it” so to speak. I agree that this is a series that is necessary today but I would hate for the series to loose its integrity and exploit these issues for viewership and entertainment. So Good Luck guys!!

Rating : 8/10

What did you think of the series? Let me know 😊

Featured Image taken from variety.com


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