Lastman Series Review

After a month of being back home in the UK, I came to the realisation that the French Netflix that I had been using for the last 7 months was to soon come to an end. Not wanting to squander this opportunity, for who knows when I’ll be able to return to France, I decided that I wanted to watch something that I knew I would only be able to find on there. It was at this point that I came across the series Lastman. I’m not sure what exactly drew me to it but I’m super glad that I did decide to watch it. Here’s my review:

Firstly, I really liked how the series was this weird mixture between French humour, American culture and Japanese Anime. Hearing this melange of genres/ideas/aspects, one would think that the series is pulling in too many directions to be entertaining but that wasn’t the case. It was actually really fun and all the elements worked really well together.

Furthermore, one of the greatest strengths of the programmes was the characters particularly the primary protagonist Richard Aldana. I think all the characters featured in show were equally complex, fascinating and overall, well written. Richard Aldana was my favourite because he was the character who we got see the most progression from as he evolved from disinterested womaniser to caring parent to Siri. Furthermore, the character changing to become someone more dependable didn’t make the character seem any less fun and interesting as he had been at the start.

My issue with the programme, and probably French films and series in general, are the weird endings. Now, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the ending, however, I did feel kinda numb at the end. Moreover, it felt like I had been watching the series expecting a certain ending (a happier one) and was robbed of that. Admittedly, this says more about me than the series itself.

To conclude, Lastman was a hidden gem for me that was filled with action and cool fight scenes that made me want to pick up a new anime series. It was wickedly funny and I encourage everyone to watch it, preferably in its original language with subs.

Rating: 8/10

Will you be watching Lastman? If so, let me know what you think !

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