The Incredibles 2 Film Review

Like many others, I have been waiting YEARS for the sequel to the Incredibles. YEARS! I was so excited when I heard that the film was finally going to be made. Moreover, I was even more happy when I learned that it was going to be released so close to my birthday. So, when it finally was released I took my freshly turned twenty three year old self to the cinema with two friends of similar age hoping that the film would match or even eclipse my feelings towards the first one. Did it? Here’s my review:

The answer to the question as to whether the film lived up to my expectations and hopes: no. However, was it an enjoyable film overall ? Definitely.

Before I get into why exactly I think that the film failed to live up to my expectations, I will first begin with the many aspects of the film that I did enjoy.

  1. I loved the fact that Frozone was more involved in this film. Without a doubt, his character was one of my favourite characters from the first the film voiced by one of my favourite actors Samuel L. Jackson. He almost certainly had a bigger role in the sequel and this was a very welcome change. I wish his wife was more involved though because her scene from the original is genuinely one of my favourite film moments.
  2. I like how the stay at home dad/ role reversal regarding Mr and Mrs Incredible played out in the film. It allowed the audience to see different sides to the characters that we only got to see glimpses of before in the previous film. It was really fun to see Mrs Incredible in her supersuit handling business, taking out bad guys and bringing home the bacon, meanwhile, Mr Incredible was juggling the difficulties of not only parenting kids but three superhuman kids. This aspect of the film provided so much from action and comedy to much needed social commentary on gender roles in the context of the home. I was all for it!!
  3. The exploration of Jack Jack’s abilities is an excellent arc throughout the film. Arguably, it was the mechanism through which most of the big statements on parenting, family and responsibility were made. For example, in finding a way to deal with Jack Jack’s unpredictable powers, Mr Incredible becomes a better father. Furthermore, Jack Jack’s various powers were awesome, so watching him use them gave me great joy.

However, there was one aspect of the film that fell short in my eyes: the villain. This is not to say that the villain in this film is bad because that definitely is not the case.  But, if I compare the Syndrome to the villain in this film, there is really no competition. As a villain, Syndrome was brilliant. His motive was reasonable, sympathetic even, and his plan was pretty well thought out and executed. In comparison, the villain in Incredible’s 2 was a little unimpressive to me. Worst of all, I could tell that they were the villain from the first moment I laid eyes on them. From the moment they first spoke, the possible motive sent off warning lights in my brain and the suspense was sucked out of the film and it became a waiting game until the moment they revealed themselves.

In conclusion, the Incredibles 2 was a pretty good sequel that reminds people why exactly they liked the first film. It was a fun adventure for all ages that was let down by the somewhat lacklustre villain that definitely was not Syndrome.

Rating:  8/10

So have you seen the film? What did you think? Let me know 🙂

Featured Image taken from a wikipedia article 


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