Skyscraper Film Review

My family and I were not planning to watch this film, however, it was a busy half price Tuesday at my local cinema and the rest of the showings were full. With no other options available to us, we bought our tickets, our popcorn and went to our seats. Here’s what I thought:

First of all, Dwayne Johnson was a tremendous lead as per. He was funny, genuine and an all round good guy that the audience couldn’t help but  root for as he tried relentlessly to save his family. I have to say that my enjoyment of the film is almost entirely down to his performance. In addition, his co-star Neve Campbell was a highlight for me too. She was often at the centre of some of the funniest moments of the scene.

Secondly, the other thing that I really liked about the film was skyscraper itself. Although, I can say that the chances of me ever living in a building like that are slim to none due to my fear of tall glass buildings, I can appreciate how nice the building looked. Furthermore, I like how ‘safe’ the building would have been if those people hadn’t tried to destroy it.

My sole criticism of the film would be how unbelievable the action sequences were. I’m all for the suspension of disbelief when it comes to films. But surely, there must be a limit. I’m 100% certain the Dwayne would not have survived 99% of all the stunts that he pulled throughout the film even if he had such compelling motivations to do so. That’s not to say that this lessened my enjoyment of the film but it did go some ways to stopping me from taking it all too seriously.

In conclusion, Skyscraper is a fun, family disaster film that is quite enjoyable as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

Rating : 7/10

What did you think of the film? Let me know !


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