Poldark Series 4 Review

Usually, I post reviews of Poldark each week after the episode ends. However, I found myself constantly forgetting to actually write and upload the reviews, so I decided it would be better to simply wait until the series concluded and upload one post on the season as a whole. Without further ado, here’s my review:

To start, this was another fabulous series of Poldark filled with drama, excitement, sadness and surprises. As usual, the real strength of Poldark, in my opinion anyway, lay with the actors and characters who honestly bring so much to the plot. Everybody performed brilliantly but the standouts had to be Morwenna and George Warleggan. These characters are fundamentally different yet both of them managed to touch my heart this series in different ways

On one hand, there is Morwenna, whose kind and gentle soul was absolutely crushed by her complete monster of a husband. Watching the character become a depressed, angry and empty shell of what she used to be was heartbreaking for me and the entire audience. However, there was some hope of her recovery for the audience in the form of the kiss she gave Drake on their wedding day which had me whooping for joy. FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! Finally, did she receive that peace and goodness that the character rightly deserved. Honestly, Chappell should win awards for her performance because she completely smashed it this season.

On the other hand, there is George Warleggan whose snobbery, vindictiveness and cruelty reached new heights this series. As per usual, I often found myself cursing his name and wishing all manner of misfortune on him. And yet, in his more vulnerable moments, I found myself pitying the character, even feeling sorry for him. It is a testament to Farthing’s awesome performance that I found myself doing such dramatic emotional gymnastics over the truly vile character that is George Warleggan. What’s more, his performance really brought home the fact that George is truly a product of the cruel trappings of society. I wonder what he could have been had society been kinder to him and people like him who come from earned money not old money?

In addition, I have to mention the unsung hero of the series: the location. I don’t normally comment on the location of a series unless it’s some sci if/fantasy series based in some far off place but the backdrop of Cornwall is just simply breathtaking. Water so blue! Fields so green! The location really adds to the magic of the series and thus, I feel like it’s time it finally got a mention in my reviews.

If I had to criticise one thing about this series, it would be the confusing passing of time. I could never quite calculate how much time had passed over the course of the series. For example, Geoffrey Charles was about 12 last series (or earlier this series) and then suddenly he’s a grown adult who’s drinking and partying with a whole new face! Also, how long was Poldark away in London for? Months? Years? Because the way everyone made it seem, he hadn’t seem his family in years but surely that can’t have been right! Perhaps, I’m just silly but for the next series, my wish is that they make the passing of time more obvious so that I can follow it better. No more surprises for me regarding characters and their ages.

To conclude, this was another entertaining season of Poldark that had me laughing, crying and screaming the whole way through. I can’t wait for the next one!

Rating: 9/10

Did you watch this season? What did you think? Let me know

Featured Image taken from denofgeek website


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