Insatiable: The Netflix Series Review

There was so much controversy surrounding this show to the point where I felt obligated to watch it and see whether it was merited or not. Was it merited? Absolutely not! In fact, I feel like the show did tackle bullying and obesity in a fresh and satirical way that audiences have not really encountered before. That isn’t to say that the show is without fault, but honestly, what isn’t these days??  However, I would advise people to actually watch the whole series before calling for its cancellation. For my thoughts in more depth, here’s my full review:

What I really liked about the series was it’s surprising depth and the breadth of issues it manages to actually cover. From the trailer, I assumed that this was going to be a dark comedy focusing centrally on the main character’s revenge plot on those who bullied her when she was fat. However, while this is a part of the film, there are other important interesting storylines going on alongside this one. For example, the story explores the difficulties of coming out, coming to terms with your sexuality, the stresses of pageantry and many more. For me, this made the film more relevant, more interesting, a lot less predictable and a lot more enjoyable

Furthermore, I would argue that the fact that the series touched on so many different topics as well as the central issues of bullying and fatphobia meant that it was a lot more inclusive than audiences were giving it credit for. The fact that the show included such a wide range of topics means that more people will be able to relate more to the characters and their storylines, thus creating a more inclusive and representative show for a wider audience. In addition, the show manages to subvert many of the overused stereotypes that usually plague storys on this topic. For example, Debby Ryan’s main character wasn’t the sympathetic character you would expect her to be. Quite frankly, she was a horrible, selfish person who constantly was bringing others down for her own happiness or desire for revenge. In addition, Donald Choi played by Daniel Kang did not fit the mould of the Asian best friend sidekick. In fact, the whole was one that did not have much to do with race making it all the important and refreshing. He was just simply a character not an amalgamation of racist stereotypes and I was all here for it.

So, while I quite liked the show, there was one thing that I did not fully enjoy and that was the ending or the final episodes. Admitedly they were exciting with some wild plot lines developing, I feel like it got a little too crazy for me which took me out of the series a little. I really did not understand how we went from beauty pageants to exorcisms and demon babies…

To conclude, Insatiable was good series that took a well worn plotline and flipped it on its head in a fun and satirical way. I would advise everyone to hold judgement until they have finished watching series because it really isn’t that bad- at least to me anyway.

Rating : 8/10

Do you agree with my assessment? Let me know

The feautured image is taken from an article on Vulture


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