Iron Fist Series 2 Netflix Review

As I stated in a few of my previous reviews (cue shameless promotion of the other reviews on my blog notably my ‘The Defenders’ post) I quite liked the first series of Iron Fist, as flawed and controversial as it was. Furthermore, Finn Jones’ appearance in Luke Cage Season 2 showed glimspes of a minor yet signaficant character change that made him appear a lot less annoying and more mature. Those two things combined resulted in my genuine excitement and anticipation for the show’s second appearance on Netflix. Was my excitement warranted? Here’s my review:

To answer my question: Yes it bloody well was! Series 2 of Iron Fist was pretty damn good with special praise going towards a somewhat unexpected but exciting ending. One of the things that I liked the most about this season was the character development throughout the series. Danny Rand played by Finn Jones was pretty much a marmite character for fans of the Marvel Netflix Universe. However, this series attempts and arguably succeeds in making the character a lot less frustrating by cutting down the amount of times he exclaims he’s the ‘Immortal Iron Fist’ and overall making the character behave like an actual adult instead of an entitled petulant child. The audience go on an journey both figuratively and literally (season finale), therefore, the audience are able to see the character battling with himself and changing his ways for the better. Ward is another character the audience get to spend more time with and as a result, the character becomes more complex and interesting. By the end of the season, I couldn’t imagine the Iron Fist story told without him.

In addition, a strength of the Marvel Netflix Universe is the rich wealth of characters that it has to choose from and all across the different shows. I have really enjoyed how the characters have often appeared in each others series and this was no exception as Misty Knight became a quite prominent member of the cast of Iron Fist series 2. Her scenes with Colleen Wing were often the highlight of the episodes that they were in and they got me amped up for a possible Daughters of the Dragon spin-off. (Make it happen, Marvel!)

There was not much that I did not like about the series however, these were the things that didn’t quite gel with me. Firstly, I found the motivations behind Joy Meechum’s actions to be, quite frankly, stupid. The character blames Danny Rand for all the bad things that have happened in life including the second death of her dad. However, I found it perplexing that she could do that when it was revealed that her dad was the reason why Danny lost his parents and went to K’un Lann in the first place. If there was anyone who should be angry about interference in their lives, Rand would be one of the only people eligible.

Overall, Iron Fist series 2 was a definite upgrade from the first series. The audiences were able to see some positive character and plot development resulting in exciting prospects for the next series.

Rating: 8/10

What did you think of the series? Are you a fan now?

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Additional Point: Really loved Alice Eve as Typoid Mary! Can’t wait to see more of her in other Marvel Netflix Series


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