Ozark Series 2 : Netflix Review

Ozark was a series that I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did. I loved watching how the Byrde family handled their particularly precarious situation of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. The tension was ever growing and the action not to far behind. I went into season 2 hoping it would be the same if not better. Was I disappointed? Here’s my review:

To answer my question, no I was most definitely not disappointed with series 2 of Ozark as it was everything the first series was and more. My absolute favourite thing about the series is the quiet tension present throughout the series. It goes to show that a crime series like this does not have to go guns blazing with a graphic murder every episode for it to be entertaining. For me, I really enjoy the feeling of danger being around every corner normally being set off by the most inconspicuous little action that would otherwise be harmless.

Furthermore, the series makes excellent use of it amazing cast with the Byrde parents being my favourites. Those behind the series and the actors themselves have managed to make characters who do some terrible things seem quite sympathetic and as a consequence, the audience root for them. Also, I loved Janet McTeer’s addition to the cast as the Cartel’s legal representative. I loved how she could be threatening the lives of those around her on behalf of her clients one minute to talking about her children the next. It was truly jarring, especially as the shows main focus is on a family and how they are all in danger as a result of the Marty’s actions.

However, the one character I could not get behind this series was Charlotte Byrde. I found the character to be extremely annoying and unsympathetic. I understand how the character is supposed to connect to the audience. She is a teenager whose life has been completely upended by her parents and to make matters worse, she discovered that her parents are criminals. Not only are they criminals, they are working for some really shady individuals who are guilty of a multitude of awful deeds. Therefore, I can understand why the character would want to leave. However, I feel like the character behaved selfishly throughout the series, only thinking about what she wanted and how she felt about everything disregarding everyone else in the family. It was like she made no effort to understand why are parents are doing what they’re doing, which I found extremely annoying because it was clearly for them and their continued existence. Did she feel like leaving the Cartel was going to be easy? Did she feel like she could just walk away and the Cartel would just let her? It was stupidly naive and annoying, and I just wasn’t here for it.

To conclude, Ozark series 2 was a continuation of the brilliance that was present in the first season which some additional cast members that added that extra level of drama and tension.

Rating: 9/10

What do you think about the series ? Let me know !

Featured Image taken from article on IGN.com


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